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Trace Adkins

Disclaimer: All written text from the official Facebook page of Trace Adkins TRACE ADKINS Proud To Be Here In the fifteen years since his platinum debut, Trace Adkins has released ten studio albums, three greatest hits packages, thirty chart singles. He has racked up four Grammy nominations, five ACM and CMT awards. Accolades like that – along with sales in the tens of millions – explain the respect Adkins has earned from both Country fans and the industry alike.
But there’s more. In recent years, Trace has made his mark as a TV and film actor, a voiceover artist, an author, a social commentator, a participant on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice — and even the inspiration for a series of comic books.
Along the way, Trace has endured his share of well-publicized tribulations and the release of his latest album – Proud To Be Here – would be saddled with the same loss (and luck) that have shadowed Trace all his life. In June of 2011, as the finishing touches were being made to the upcoming album, t…

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