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Lee DeWyze

On Wednesday December 6th, 2017, First Three Media photographed the show of Lee DeWyze at Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento.  Goldfield is an intimate gem located at 1630 J Street.  Arrived early and was greeted by employee Bridget at the door. Found a corner booth to wait and could hear soundcheck begin. Lee was singing an excerpt from Breathing In.   Chills went through my body! Lee then sang a portion of his rendition of Hallelujah! All this photographer /blogger /music connoisseur could think was, "OH My God! So incredible! My ears are hearing a rare musical gift! Strong. Smooth. Perfection! The overwhelming emotion of what was to come for the night was being waited on in that corner booth with huge anticipation!  I knew the night was GOING TO BE filled with enormous talent!
First Three Media did things a little different this time around for a show review. Decided to quote what Lee said on stage to bring you more than just photos and my own personal thoughts.
For the firs…

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